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Fix & Flip

Offering up to 90% Purchase & 100% Rehab
As the leading lender in direct private financing, First Rehab lending specializes in Fix & Flipping investment properties for a Real Estate Investor. Our program offers financing for purchasing a property as well as the construction funds to fix the property. With a max 90% acquisition, 75% ARV you have the comfort of First Rehab Lending financing 100% of the construction.
With our Fix and Flip, Buy & Hold, Multi Family & New Construction programs First Rehab Lending will give you an opportunity to make an easy profit while revitalizing neighborhoods.
Property: Non Owner Occupied 1-4 Family
Term: 12 Months Initial Term
Loan Amount: 100,000 to 1.2

Mixed Use / Multi Family

Get Approved for Mixed Use or a Multi Family Loan Today
If Multi Family and/or Mixed Use properties are your target areas of investing, then First Rehab Lending has a program designed just for you.
First Rehab Lending’s LOAN PROGRAMs are the leaders in financing nationwide. Our program consists of minimal down payment, Up to 85% LTV and 12+ month terms. This exclusive LOAN PROGRAM provides you with the flexibility and leverage to profit on Multifamily & Mixed-use investment opportunities. With our quick and efficient lending terms, you will have access to fast and easy funding… Get started today!
Term: 12 months term with an option of extension
Non-Owner 2-4 Units
Loan Amount: Up to 1.25 Million
Loan to Value: 85% LTV
Rehab Funds: 100%
Max After Repair Value: 75% ARV
Interest Only Starting at: 8.99%
No Pre-Payment Penalty
Foreign Nationals

Line of Credit

Approved Capital for your Investment Properties
Establishing a Line of Credit with First Rehab Lending gives you the flexibility to build your portfolio offering financing & long-term peace of mind
This simple process is offered for investors interested in Acquisition & Rehab toward one of our many programs such as: Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold, Mixed Use & New Construction. Our lines of credit are available up to 2.25 Million with interest only loan payments based on the outstanding loan balance – you only pay for what you use.
Once approved, the line of credit is held in a secured account for the client to obtain a property with the ability to purchase additional properties while maximizing the eligible financing. This incredible program offers long term financing and can be obtained through our loan application.
We thank you in advance and look forward to becoming business partners.
24/48 hr Approvals
Obtaining a line of credit is Simple & Easy

New Construction

A specialty program for the advanced Investor
Whatever your goal is as a Real Estate Investor, First Rehab Lending is a great resource for those who are looking to build a long lasting, professional relationship. Knowledge, guidance and years of experience – It is an essential piece to partner with a reliable fund that has the ability to close deals quickly and seamlessly, in efforts to help our borrowers leverage, allowing them to increase their volume. Our incredible staff is always available to insure our clients have the best possible experience while accomplishing their projects.
Locations: TX
Seasoned Investors with a proven track record of 3+
Property types: 1 – 4 Family
Loan Term: 12 – 24 Months
Loan Size: $250,000 – $2.5M
LTV: Up to 75% of Construction / Property Free & Clear
Interest Only Rate 10% – 12%
Origination Fee: 2 – 3%
No Pre – Pay Penalty

Buy & Hold

The perfect opportunity to use as an exit strategy from an FRL Fix & Flip or Mixed Use Loan
In the current real estate market there are various types of investment strategies and our investors typically fall into one of two buckets which include: Fix & Flip and Buy & Hold. The “Flippers” approach the market with a goal to purchase, renovate and sell within a short period of time, which may yield a significant profit. “Buy and hold” Investors are looking to build their rental portfolio with returns over a longer period of time.
We understand our investors are always looking for innovative new ways to create long term investments. We are excited to introduce a new LOAN PROGRAM tailored to our real estate investors focused on investing in the rental market, allowing them to generate reoccurring revenue. Speak with one of our many loan specialists to inform you of the various options available.
Rental Program
Term: 5/1 Arm 7/1 Arm or 30 year Fixed – No Renovation / Rental Ready
Single Family, 2-4 Units & Mixed Use
Loan Amount: $100,000 – $2.5M
Min fico: 620+
Up to 80% of Purchase Price / As – Is Value
Up to 80% Refinance without cash out
Up to 75% Refinance cash out
Rates: starting at 5.99%
Origination fees: 2 – 3%
Foreign Nationals


1.This transaction will be offered to you at 5% interest rate flat without any prepayment penalty attached to this loan.

2.The minimum duration we offer per transaction is 3 months while the maximum is 20 years, the minimum loan we offer is $20,000 while the maximum is $100,000,000.

3.There is no third party of any kind associated with this transaction and all information shared by both the lender and borrower will be strictly kept confidential for security reasons.

4. The repayment of loan will begin after a grace period of 2 months before the agreed date of repayment.

5. There will be minimum documentations required in other to get this transaction to the funding point and the borrower is advised to comply when asked to sign a document.There is a loan procurement origination fee amount of 1% required to be paid for the loan amount demanded from each client for security of our lending firm loan funds to enable obtain the approval from the board management of our lending organization to disburse loan funds into your bank account.

6.The loan repayment will be calculated with an amortization monthly payment schedule and balloon at end of loan duration or a standard repayment calculation. Other repayment methods can be negotiated and agreed upon.

7. A loan application form document will be sent over for you to fill prior to getting your loan transaction started.